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My Coaching Story


A bit about me, Mark.

I live locally, and my therapy room is in Forres, not far from Tesco. 

I have had a wide range of experience in my life and have done many different jobs.  My favourite one was teaching self-build skills to complete beginners, seeing peoples self-confidence grow over time is particularly satisfying. ( I worked as a joiner for many years ).

I believe that if I am to help someone else to change effectively, I too need to be in the process of changing myself. 

When it works well, both the counsellor and the client will benefit from the counselling process. 

I am also convinced of the benefits of group work which I have been doing for many years. 

We all have much that we can learn from each other when we can talk together openly in an atmosphere of trust and support, sharing our experiences, vulnerabilities, strengths and hopes.

Sometimes I find it easier to learn about myself when I listen to others talking about themselves; - listening, without the feeling that I need to be saying something has been liberating, and has helped me to open up.

I currently volunteer at R-evolution for Good,  a counselling and coaching organisation who’s aim is to eliminate child poverty in Moray, by engaging with families to help them to help themselves.

Gratitude and Goodwill to all.


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